Paint Spots Got You Down?

As time goes on, I seem to keep finding more S-38's, covered with paint spots and specks. I don't know if S-38 owners are sloppy painters or if they like the neat speckle effect. I think most of us would agree, no spots looks much better.



Pictured above is one side of an S-38 someone had painted a nice bronze color. I don't know how anyone could be so careless to be painting that close to their receiver, but I guess we all know one of those types. Even the front and knobs had been frosted bronze. After a few minutes of light rubbing with a soft rag and cleaner, most of the bronze is gone. If your problem is with latex based paints, then you can do as well. If your spots are from enamel paint, well that may take lots of tedious work with a dental pick. If your case was dirty when the paint spots got applied, they try using a dental pick. Dirt keeps paint from sticking real good, so get really close up to the spot with good glasses or a magnifier, and put the dental pick at the side of the spot where it meets the case and gently push sideways. Often such spots will just pop off. Don't push with the pointed part of the pick as you may end up with a big scratch where the spot was. Got a better method? Let me know please. Use your browser back key to return to the previous page.

Pictured above is one product that I have used with very good success. I didn't say great, because no matter how you look at it, paint spots are a real pain to remove without leaving some trace. This "OOPS!" also helps to remove stickers that some like to put on their radios. As always, test on a hidden spot before going full speed on the front of a case. I've never seen any problem when using OOPS, but I don't think I'd try it on the dial plastic. Other brands would probably work just as well or maybe better.