Tale Of A Sad Hallicrafters S-38E

Here's a short story of an S-38E, purchased by me as a non-working radio on eBay. First the radio arrived missing one knob, plus no bottom or back. The line cord was rather stiff but not cracked, but I clipped it off close to the chassis as it is one item I always replace. I tried tuning the dial needle and saw that it only went about half way across and not very well at that. It was time to take the case off. First thing I noticed after the case was off, was this strange looking dial cord where someone apparently tried to fix a problem. Below at the left is a picture (blurred) of what the dial cord looked like. I removed the black dial plate to get a better look at the dial cord and removed it.

After seeing what someone had tried to use for dial cord, (it looked like contractors leveling string) I let out a couple of those Charlie Brown type sighs. "Good grief!," I thought. What next? I started removing the tubes in preparation for cleaning the chassis and found that the 50C5 audio output tube was in the rectifier socket and the 35W4 rectifier was in the audio output socket. Guess it really wasn't working after seeing that. The main tuning capacitor was real tight and a bear to turn, but a good cleaning and several good whacks in the proper spot with a hammer, and the capacitor was turning much better. A new dial cord and spring, solved one problem. Sprayed all the switch contacts to give them a chance to soak a bit, while other work went on. Use your browser back key to return to the previous page or click at upper right for the next page.

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Dial cord when I removed case

Dial cord after removal