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Every S-38 model, when shipped from the factory, had one of those paper labels on the bottom. The label on the S-38 was made from a heavy paper or card stock, then riveted to the cardboard bottom, covering the alignment holes. On top of the rivets, a transparent green glue was painted to cover the rivets to tell if anyone had tampered with removing the rivets. I still don't know why anyone would want to access through those holes, when it is so easy to just remove the cardboard cover. Well whatever the reason, many of those paper labels were lost, possibly just because they were paper or cheap glue was used to hold them on. My curiosity was aroused so I decided to see what each model had on its bottom or back, from those S-38 models I had in my collection. Some radios were missing the back and bottom covers, others had covers but no labels and others had only partial labels. So I gathered together what fragments I could find and attempted to reconstruct the labels applied to each model. There may be more versions out there in radio land, as I've only recorded those I have seen.

My reconstructed labels are not exact, but do give you an idea of what they were. I've tried to present them at full size for better comparison. The letter fonts and sizes are not the same, but are as close as I could get them with my limited computer abilities. I even tried to mimic the border height, width and thickness. The S-38C also used two different versions of what I call the seal label. I do not know which of the two was used first. The S-38D used two versions which I call the early and late. The S-38D had outlines of the tuning capacitor and audio output transformer on the labels and I did not try to include them. I did place a square where the IF cans appeared. These labels are close enough that you'd be able to recognize one if you saw the real thing. They are certainly close enough that you might like to use them to replace those missing on your radios as I do. Printing them on tan or light brown paper heightens the effect. Glue on with spray glue. I tried many, many paper types until I found a couple that closely mimics the originals. Here's one that would be a overall and generalized paper to match the original. Hammermill Business Gloss, 32 lb, 92 brightness. At one time I used to offer free copies on the closest paper to anyone, but it took so much time, I had to stop. Sorry about that.


S-38 Chassis Seal


S-38A Chassis Seal


S-38B Chassis Seal

S-38C Label

S-38C Seal Version 1

S-38C Seal Version 2

S-38D Early

S-38D Late

S-38D Seal


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