Don't Do This!!!

Wrong! Wrong! CW not working in this radio

Correct blue & brown wire position

Brown wire has been moved, cw not working

Blue wire wraps around the brown wire

Brown wire position

IF Amp tube

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Most owners of Hallicrafters S-38's, know enough about electronics to not make this mistake. The picture at the above left shows a view of one Hallicrafters S-38C I purchased from an unsatisfied user. Little wonder. The large brown wire with the red arrow, forms two very tiny value capacitors in the IF Amp/BFO stage of all S-38's, except for the original S-38 which had its own separate BFO and some S-38E's that had a separate control on the back of the chassis. This wire ends at the tube base as seen in the right picture, and is wrapped around but not connected to a tube socket pin, forming one of the tiny capacitors used for developing the CW tone. The other tiny cap is formed by wrapping the blue wire around the brown wire as arrowed in the right picture. Never move this wire unless you are sure of what you are doing. Someone moved the brown wire in the left picture, causing the CW portion of this S-38 to stop working. While the dead ended wire may look odd and out of place, it is a very simple and usually reliable device. The best rule is, don't touch it especially where it wraps around the tube socket pin, while doing other work. When I returned the brown wire in the left picture to the way it is shown in the right picture, the CW once again worked fine.

Tube pin