Back Cover Views Of The S-38's

An intact back or bottom cover on most S-38 models that's still in good shape, is the exception. Most are damaged in some way or totally missing. These photos are of models in my collection, most showing the signs of many years use. The S-38 back will fit nicely on the S-38A, S-38C and S-38E and will fit the S-38D by adding a hole for the speaker/phone switch. The same back will go on the S-38B but it will take a bit more tinkering with a sharp Exacto knife. See "Neat Suppliers and othe neat web sites" on my home page for S-38 backs source. Caution! The two bottom screws in the C and D models are connected to the hot chassis! You may want to leave those two screws out or replace them with plastic screws. Hallicrafters left these two screws out in the E model. Click on the pictures below to see a full screen view. See the link at the bottom for back dimensions.







Click here to see the dimensions of each back in chart form.

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