A Few Of My S-38's

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One of the biggest problems with old S-38's besides needing electronic repair, is missing and wrong knobs or the little silver metal insert in the front of the knob is missing. It appears that some people like "stylish" or "pointed" knobs, better than the original. Someone could make some money just supplying knobs. Pictured above, left to right, top shelf is a S-38E, S-38D and S-38E with a wrong knob. Center shelf, left to right, a S-38, S-38C (nice) and a S-38C. Bottom shelf, left to right, a S-38A, S-38 and a S-38C. Sellers often overrate the appearance of their S-38's. One I received had rust, no paint at all, along the full height of the radio on the left end, in a strip about an inch wide and the guy said it was in fair condition. Wasn't anything worth salvage on that one. Use your browser back key to return to the previous page.