Replace That Old Line Cap For Safety

This is the underchassis view of an S-38C that I have just revived. The line capacitor is the large yellow square object, so named because it is supposed to filter out all the crap that comes in over the power lines, spikes, noise and such. When built in the 1950's, a 600 volt cap was used here as that was all that was needed then. With the advent of ever more devices in a modern home, line voltage spikes may often exceed 1000 volts. This is a special cap used to replace those old models, called a Y2 cap. It is specially designed to handle up to 5000 volts. I ordered mine from "Just Radios" ( an antique radio capacitor supplier in Toronto, Canada. Order a .022 Y@ Safety cap, rated 250 vac, $1.09 each, plus shipping. Since the shipping cost bites a bit, why not order all the other caps at the same time. They have really good prices. $1.00 more for fast air shipment. Use your browser back key to return to the previous page.